Slide Scanning Services Outline

We have assembled a state of the art microscope system with both transmitted light illumination & reflected light fluorescence illumination.

The microscope optical system

All optics are plan fluorite objectives with high numerical apertures. We offer standard 10x 0.25NA, 20x 0.46NA and 40x 0.75NA. Other optics are available at your request. This is a standard high quality pathology-histology microscope optical system.

Our illumination source is a white LED with 6000 kelvin color temperature. This will not change over time for multiple scanned images. Once the camera is white balanced, the image color will be accurate.

This microscope is integrated with peltier cooled color firewire digital camera with 1.4 million pixel array of 4.65 square micron pixels. The acquisition of all images meets Nyquist Theorem rule where pixel size on sample plane is 2.3 times smaller than optical resolution of objective. This assures that all the objective resolution is acquired in captured image set.

The Scanning Method

Using a motorized stage with 0.1 micron linear encoded scales, our system will acquire images from designated area and fully assemble these in to single image for navigation and viewing. The individual images are saved as single TIFF images as well for image analysis by user at later time. Custom free viewing software is provided for our customers to navigate and view the full image at lower resolution, then to expand a single captured frame for viewing at full digital resolution.

Further Information