Customer Feedback

A collection of testimonials about us from our customers

From: Bausch + Lomb

“Polymer Technology, a Bausch & Lomb Company, used Dick Schneider as a consultant to address some difficult inspection issues we were encountering.  I heard of Dick and his broad spectrum expertise through a coworker and phoned him.  Dick was very responsive to our needs as he spoke with me at length during the initial phone conversation.  Later he visited our facility and spent copious amounts of time asking questions, finding out exactly what our specific challenges were, presenting options & pricing, etc.  After further follow up and Q&A sessions, he was able to present us with a custom tailored, comprehensive vision system package that included unique fixturing, optical solutions (monitor) that alleviated ergonomically difficult tasks (looking down into a microscope), and optimized lighting sources that represented the latest technology.

“Dick's integrated package allowed us to meet all of our requirements.  Frankly his final delivery exceeded my expectations.  Follow up after the sale was equally impressive. Dick came out repeatedly to train, coach, and offer operating advice with regard to the computer system and vision system interface.

“Super job, from a professional, experienced, creative problem solver.”

Tom Papalia
Quality Representative
Polymer Technology Bausch + Lomb , Wilmington, MA

From: Hitachi Via Mechanics

“Purchasing optical and digital imaging assemblies for critical microscope and inspection systems can be tricky and expensive for the first time integrator.  Dick Schneider has supported my technology and system development activities for over 14 years and has been a high value resource for consulting on these matters for Hitachi over those years.  Mr. Schneider's depth of knowledge and breadth of applications experience has been a force multiplier within our engineering team allowing us to overcome some of the most challenging imaging and inspection requirements quickly and successfully within new emerging and cutting edge fields.”

Todd Lizotte
US Director of Emerging Technology
Hitachi Via Mechanics USA, Londonderry, NH

From: Dartmouth Medical School

“We recently purchased a camera and imaging system from Mirco Optical Solutions. We really did not know a lot about what we needed and had worked with different companies to try and find the best solution for us. Richard Schneider came to us and found out exactly what we needed and got to work on finding the best system that would do what we needed, with the equipment that we already had. He does not work with just one company and try to sell all of their equipment, but instead can integrate and configure the best solution using the most advanced technologies available. His service is highly recommended. Not only did he solve our issue quickly, but he also fixed and helped solve any and all issues that came up while using the new imaging system. He is a great asset to any research group looking to upgrade and/or add microscopic imaging to their research group. I have recommended him to other groups here and would be happy to recommend him to anyone who could use this type of help.”

Jason Gunn
Lab Manager
Dartmouth Medical School, Lebanon NH